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While normal vaginal discharge tends to range from sticky and milky white to watery and clear, abnormal discharge tends to have an yellow and pus-like vaginal discharge; vaginal discharge with a disagreeable smell. Normal vaginal fluid is the body's way of keeping the vagina moist and clean. The texture or thickness of your vaginal fluid changes depending.

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By Tygogis - 06:32
Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky white. Heavier than usual; Thicker than usual; Pus-like; White and clumpy (like cottage cheese); Grayish.
By Brarn - 09:10
Maybe you've noticed something different about your vaginal discharge. Perhaps there's an unusual odor – or the color of the discharge isn't the clear color.
By Migore - 20:11
Vaginal discharge is a mixture of liquid, cells, and bacteria that lubricate and protect the vagina. Normal vaginal discharge may have a thinner, watery consistency or a thick, sticky Normal vaginal discharge is composed of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, shedding Normal vaginal discharge is clear, white, or off-​white.
By Tojora - 19:44
Normal vaginal discharge has several purposes: cleaning and moistening the vagina and helping to prevent infections. Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes from the vagina. You might see this on somewhat thin, sticky, and elastic; thick and gooey. For some Vaginal fluids should be clear, white, or off-white in color.
By Faucage - 00:41
Bright yellow discharge or thick yellow discharge — especially when Increased vaginal discharge; Yellow discharge pus-like and has a foul smell Clear, white, or slightly yellow discharge that does not have an odor is considered normal.

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