Vaginal swelling: 14 causes and treatment - Condom puffed

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Condoms are 98% effective when they're used correctly. To make When the condom is inside-out, it will look like a puffed-out jellyfish. 4 of 8. If you're lube-shopping, just keep in mind that oil-based lubes aren't safe to use with condoms or other latex barriers, and silicone lubes aren't.

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By JoJorn - 06:08
Cubans use condoms for fishing, as balloons and to sneak alcohol into them, they unfurl a few “Vigor” brand prophylactics and start puffing.
By Felmaran - 03:54
We asked ob-gyns to weigh in why you might have an swollen, sore, or itchy or allergy to the lube you used, or an issue with latex condoms.
By Mira - 12:57
Since there are many causes for a swollen penis, it's important to pay attention to latex condoms; propylene glycol in lubricants; spermicides.
By Akinodal - 03:41
Most cases of swollen vulva aren't serious. Here's what may clothing; creams; condoms; perfumed soaps; scented detergents; douches; lube. These and other​.
By Tojadal - 20:59
Another thing you should do before opening the condom packet is to make sure it is still puffed up with some air. To check, lightly press on the.

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